You Owe You 365

Get DAILY coaching content from the world's #1 Motivational Speaker - Dr. Eric "ET The Hip-Hop Preacher" Thomas! For the first time EVER, you can walk alongside ET for a full 365 days - and You OWE You to take advantage of it!


You Owe You 365

Get DAILY coaching content from the world's #1 Motivational Speaker - Dr. Eric

"ET The Hip-Hop Preacher"

Thomas! For the first time EVER, you can walk alongside ET for a full 365 days - and You OWE You to take advantage of it!

You Owe You 365

We've all experienced it: We set our goals for the new year, we CRUSH it for a month or two, and then...


Year after year, the motivation we once felt so strongly begins to disappear. The vision becomes less clear, and the fire we felt inside slowly fades away.

If nothing changes, NOTHING changes.

But what if this year could be different? What could you accomplish if you had the World's #1 Motivational Speaker in your ear EVERY DAY for 365 days? What would your 2024 look like if you were getting coached by ET every single day?

If you want to find out, keep reading...

ABOUT Y.o.Y. 365

ET has spent DECADES coaching some of world's top athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. Here's what we know from that experience:

1. You don't determine your own success in life. You determine your habits, and your habits determine your level of success. That's why YOY (YOU OWE YOU) 365 comes with DAILY devotional readings & coaching clips from ET so you can create the best version of YOU!

2. The GREATS all have an accountability system. They don't measure their progress based on feelings - they have systems in place to guarantee their productivity. YOY (YOU OWE YOU) 365 includes DAILY audio coaching clips, and planners designed to keep you on-track for the entire year.

3. Your level of exposure determines your level of success. YOY (YOU OWE YOU) 365 comes with a monthly live virtual coaching call with ET, in addition to daily audio lessons. Spend your the next 365 days immersed in an environment of greatness!


Your decisions determine your destiny and you have a decision to make right now.

You could approach 2024 with the same game plan as the last few years: set some goals, and hope for the best.

Or, you could draft one of the world's greatest coaches to your team. You could decide that THIS is the year for you to go all-in, no matter how scary it may be. You could decide that this time, YOU OWE YOU!

See Why The Community Trusts Coach ET!

Words can’t even express the amount of VALUE I have gained working with Eric Thomas aka My Number One Mentor.

I started following him when I became an entrepreneur in 2013. His teachings, his spirit , his drive SAVED MY LIFE.

I am truly honored to have him in our lives both personally and business wise.

When you have the ability to work SIDE BY SIDE with him and have ACCESS to being mentored by him you better find a way to make it happen.

-Eva Palacios

“Access makes the difference. Not just any kind of access, but this YOYM access is unparalleled.

Being able to pray with him on a regular basis, talk about family and life in general not only makes him approachable, but you could tell he REALLY CARES about you as a person before anything else.

Danielle and I have grown in our marriage because of the REAL relationship we have built with E because of the mastermind.”

-Rhyan Ramirez



or 4x payments of $324

Take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime within the lifetime of the opportunity and get ET as your coach for EVERY DAY of 2024! Enrollment is open for a LIMITED time only!

Meet Your COACH!

Eric Thomas

Ph.D., is an Educator, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Motivational Guru, and international business phenom.

Eric's unique brand of pragmatism continues to take the world by storm. It has made him the preferred "go-to" problem-solver for many of the world's largest corporations, sports franchises, colleges, and universities. Through a thorough examination and application of these same principles, his conference attendees continue to maximize their successes both in the office and at home.

This trusted and proven approach to sustained personal and professional growth and success has made his firm, Eric Thomas and Associates, LLC., one of the most highly sought-after consulting agencies globally. Husband, father, and philanthropist, ET aims to improve the lives of others through self-empowerment, self-assessment, and consistent execution. 

Still Not Sure?

Or did you just skip to the end of the letter to see what you get? I get it. I do the same thing sometimes!

Here’s the deal when you sign up for the YOY365 Coaching program...

This program was specifically created for folks who want DAILY coaching. You don’t need any experience whatsoever to make the most of this offer. No matter where you are in life right now, you're capable of more - and I know exactly how to coach you to get MORE in 2024 and beyond.

This program includes everything you need to succeed:

Daily coaching clips, daily devotional readings, a 365 day digital devotional, a daily journal, monthly virtual group coaching sessions...!

Total value: $3,752. Your investment: Only $997 one time or $324 for four months.

Sound fair?

Now you know - Let's GO!

- ET

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Give a gift to yourself and your family and friends!
Over the next 365 days, I look forward to walking and talking with you as you navigate everything that this year will bring you.   I transformed my life by moving in the direction of my dreams day by day. Just like you’ll do here. I'm thriving on purpose, not by accident but by design. That design has a playbook that shifted my mindset and, changed my life. Over the next Three Hundred and Sixty-Five days I'll use my playbook, to personally guide you from surviving to striving and ultimately to thriving. Ready…? Let’s go!

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